L (Mitochondrial Eve) mt-MRCAL0L1’2’3’4’5’6’7L2’3’4’5’6’7L3’4’5’6’7L4’5’6’7L2L3O S A YRU K H H VPHV0 VO SNA YD E G QI W XD GB FQEC ZZZ1a1aZ2’3’4’6’7’8CML1DISCOVER YOUR mtDNA HAPLOGROUP Use mtDNA to determine where your direct maternal line’s ancestors came from, their locations in historic times, and how they migrated throughout the world.Västergötland/Bohuslän/DalslandPiecing together the genealogical history of the western part of SwedenEast AfricaEast Asia and AmericaWest Asia, Europeand AmericaPeopling of EurasiaNortheast AsiaSouth or East AsiaAsiaAsiaSouthwestAsiaOceaniaOceaniaSámi and Finnsfrom RussiaCentral Asia,East Asia, Far EastIndigenous Australians,OceaniaEast Asia, Far East Native AmericanMaritime Southeast AsiaCentral Africaand West Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Sub equatorialAfrica East AfricaEast Asia and Central AsiaHorn ofAfricaHorn ofAfrica J TAsia, East and North Europeand North AfricaSámi and FinnsNorth ScandinaviaEurope, Middle eastand North AfricaEurope, Middle east,West and Central AsiamtDNA haplogoup J TmtDNA haplogoup U KmtDNA haplogoup VmtDNA haplogoup HmtDNA haplogoup I W X